Aluminium Sign Systems

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  • Standard Aluminium Profiles

    Standard Aluminium Profiles

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  • spirittex-tensioning-system-textiles


    SpiritTex is a unique new textile system combining the best properties of a textile graphics

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  • CoSign-isign-way-finding-solution


    I-Sign from CoSign is a cleverly simple, elegant, contemporary flexible sign system to be used

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  • CoSign-sign-strato-curved-profile


    STRATO is a flexible indoor sign system for dynamic environments where regular signage updates is

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  • Connect-It


    Connect-It is a Weld-free connection system for the outdoor & indoor signage industry, DIY enthusiast

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  • Tensioning Strips

    Tensioning Strips

    Tensioning strips are used in conjunction with the SpiritFlex Tensioning System. These strips are available in

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  • F Section

    F Section

    F Section Aluminium extrusion for signs on plastered brick wall surfaces up to 300 square

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  • C Section Frame

    C Section

    The C Section frame is a lightweight solution to install flexible graphics which require smaller

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  • Econo Range

    Econo Range

    Econo Range hollow standoff systems are components designed specifically to mount signs, glass, artwork, and

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  • Cosign Range

    Cosign Range

    Cosign Range is an exciting sign fixation range with a wide choice of well designed

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  • CoSign-totem-pylon


    Totem/Pylon has distinctive features with ease of construction and maintenance. An innovative series of aluminium

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  • CoSign-module-plus-outdoor

    Module Plus Outdoor

    Module Plus Outdoor is a versatile and proven exterior product. Module Plus Outdoor has been

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