• kommerling-foam-pvc-komacel-sign


    KömaCel owes its unique product properties to the combination of a solid top coat and

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  • polimask261-sandblast-stencil

    Poli-Mask 261 / 287

    Poli-Mask 261 is a turqouise self-adhesive PVC film with a reflection free, matt surface.  The

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  • I-Bond


    I-Bond is a high-strength aluminium composite material featuring two aluminium sheets, sandwiching with a non-toxic low density

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  • Placeholder

    Chromadek Galvanised Sheets

    Chromadek Galvanised Sheets is an epoxy coated, galvanized steel sheet used for interior and exterior

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  • kommerling-foam-pvc-komaprint-wall-display


    KomaPrint: The density of this sheet material has been increased to approx. 0.5 kg/dm³ with

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  • kommerling-foam-pvc-komatex-new-window-display


    Komatex is a fine-celled foam structure sheet with good surface strength. New to this foam

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  • M-Foam


    M-Foam is an economical (durable) lightweight printable PVC foam board for both indoor and outdoor

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  • Coruplas


    Twinwall Coruplas or Correx is an extruded polypropylene board that is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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  • abs-colours


    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS is one of the most widely used plastics. Due to

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    Polystyrene Sheets (HIPS)

    High impact polystyrene sheets (HIPS) is a matt, white substrate with a brittle, paper-like texture. 

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  • Chairmats


    Chairmats is the ideal solution for floor protection around desks and workstations.

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  • Polycarbonate Flat Sheets

    Polycarbonate Flat Sheets

    Impact strength is perhaps the most important of the many features of Polycarbonate Flat Sheets.

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  • nudec-petg-dispencing-machine


    PETG, a cost-effective solution for fabricating, forming and decorating. PETG sheet offers a lower sheet

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  • Acrylic Rod & Tube

    Acrylic Rod & Tube

    Acrylic Rod & Tube has exceptional clarity and light transmission, can easily be fabricated for

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