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  • Grandflex

    MEDIATEX® Grandflex is a 190 gram white 100% Polyester face printable textile.

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  • Flag with Liner

    Flag with liner is a 110 gram pure white 100% Polyester face printable textile.

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  • Botticelli

    MEDIATEX® Botticelli is a 310 gram 100% Cottonface printable textile.

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  • Allegro

    MEDIATEX® Allegro is 180gram, 100% Polyester printable textile, perfect for lightbox application.

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  • Troja

    MEDIATEX® Troja is a 410 gram, 100% Cotton face printable textile with non white cracking

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  • Bermuda

    MEDIATEX® Bermuda is a non-curl, 310 gram white 100% Polyester printable face textile.

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  • Air

    MEDIATEX® Air is a 230 gram white, 100% Polyester face printable textile with B1 Certification.

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  • DigiTex Starlight

    DigiTex Starlight

    DigiTex Starlight is 175gram, white, 100% Polyester printable textile suitable for banners, backlit displays etc.

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