KAPA® Plast

KAPA® PLAST combines all the advantages of a sandwich construction, a foam core with two covering layers in a continuous in-line production process to produce a high quality, lightweight, double sided printable rigid substrate.  KAPA® PLAST is easy to handle and designed to suit the whole scope of indoor sign and display applications.


  • Due to excellent substrate surface tension a premium product for digital & screen printing
  • The primer finish ensures excellent ink adhesion for single or double sided printing
  • Excellent level of flatness and dimensional stability for optimal printing results
  • Higher print speed and shorter drying times which reduce production time
  • Supreme aesthetic qualities – paramount for architectural & design concepts
  • Problem free application of solvent based paints and glue
  • Easy processing and excellent cutting characteristics with standard blades or jigsaw  – no crumbling of the foam core
  • REACH compliant


  • Ideal base board for all artwork
  • Display panel for design purposes and POS/POP application e.g. standees
  • Die cut of 3D logos and lettering
  • Modelmaking and presentations
  • Photo mounting
  • Fill-in panel for exhibition and display systems
  • Lightweight structures

Stock Offering

  • Sheet sizes:  3050mm x 2030mm
  • Thickness:  10mm
  • Sold in pack sizes