VELCRO® Fasteners 

VELCRO® Fasteners 

VELCRO® Fasteners  offers a fastening system that requires fewer tools, are easy to replace and reposition and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions for improved productivity and reduced labour costs.


  • VELCRO®HD Coins
    45mm diameter, with a plastic hook and loop closure
    Not suitable for use on polyethylene and polypropylene substrates
    High strength, self-engaging fastening system
    Can be engaged at any position by pressing the two parts together
    Polypropylene woven mushroom tape laminated with double sided acrylic foam tape.


  • VELCRO®HD Coins are an alternative to nails and screws and can carry up to 2kg weight capacity per coin.
  • ALFA-LOK® suitable for use for signage, exhibition stands, fixing the interior of cards or buses, solar panels etc.

Stock Offering

  • VELCRO®HD Coins:  6 sets per box
  • ALFA-LOK®:   Sold in rull rolls of  25mm x 1m
  • ALFA-LOK® 6411:    Sold in full rolls of 25mm x 25m