Here you will find a large selection of useful brochures on the products that Maizey’s offer.  The brochures are available in PDF format for easy download.


Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic Mirror

Avery Application Tools


Cleaning Products


Double Sided Tape – Quick Reference Table

Flexible Magnetic

Floor Protectors

Grafitack Etched Glass


HIPS – High Impact Styrene

Linebender – Thermoplastics Bending Machine

Linebender – Installation Guidelines and Instructions

Link-It Connectors

M-Foam Signage

Plexiglas® Resist Acrylic

Plexiglas® WH52 Acrylic

Poli-Flex Heat Transfer Vinyls

Poli-Flex Turbo

Sign Making Tools

Writable Self Adhesive Vinyls