Grafitack Automotive and Deco Series Vinyl

Grafitack Automotive and Deco Series Vinyl

Automotive and Deco Series Vinyl: Self adhesive films have been used for a number of years for making commercial vehicle and road signs. Grafityp are now taking self adhesives a step further with Graficast Automotive films: smooth cast self adhesive films that embellish your vehicle and give it an exclusive look and touch.

Graficast Automotive films enable you to choose a creative and personal design. Mirrors in carbon, a matt black boot lid, a leather or carbon-look interior, the complete body in brushed aluminium, striping that change colour depending on the viewing angle … The sky is the limit!

In addition to its automotive applications, Grafityp’s range of Automotive and Deco Series Vinyl also offer creative design possibilities for architects, designers, shop-fitters and contractors to enhance livings spaces.  Interior spaces can be transformed without messy renovations and huge costs. Create eye-catching and  vibrant designs with a combination of Automotive and Deco Series Vinyls and full colour printed graphics. Apply as cladding for appliances, cupboards, room dividers, decorative elements and work surfaces.


  • Easy to apply with a clean working environment. No mess, dust or noise.
  • Refurbish and create a new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing originals.
  • Existing substrate can be left intact. Apply Grafityp Deco Films to directly onto original surfaces.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and remove.
  • Unique composition and conformability


  • Create upgrades to furniture and cabinetry in residential and commercial environments, hotels, retail, offices, pubs, restaurants etc.
  • For automotive use such as certain car parts, such as spoilers, mirrors and decorative elements.  For wrappers, this film can be applied with ease.

Stock Offering

Available on request in different colours and textures ranges, the range includes:

  • Leather & Deco
  • Stardust
  • Colour Wave
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Satin
  • Matt
  • Brushed
  • Carbon

Sold in full rolls only.
Rolls to be airfreight, please contact for quote.
Roll Widths: 1525mm