Grafiwrap Vehicle Wrapping System

Grafiwrap Vehicle Wrapping System

GrafiWrap Vehicle Wrapping System is a registered trade name for a combination of materials used in the “wrapping” of a vehicle.

With a printed wrap your vehicle can be easily transformed into an eye-catching mobile advertisement instead of just a vehicle like any other on the road.

GrafiWrap is made from a combination of two self adhesive films: a high quality white cast self adhesive film (Grafiprint S34P & AE38C) and an ultra thin transparent laminate (Grafiprint LAMX30 & LAMX45). The combination of these two materials makes a soft and exceptionally flexible 80 or 90 micron film, which fits around your vehicle as a “second skin” and offers excellent protection against UV rays, scratches, stone chips, chemical products, dirt, etc…

Thanks to the extra protection that the film is offering to the original paintwork, the vehicle will keep its colour and look after removing the wrap, and will therefore have a much higher trade-in value when you sell it.


  • Grafiprint cast PVC print film S34P or AE38C in combination with a Grafiprint cast PVC laminate LAMX30 or LAMX45
  • PVC – Total film thickness: 80 microns (with LAMX30) – 90 microns (with other laminates)
  • Adhesive: solvent based acrylic adhesive
  • Expected life span: 5 years


  • Wrapping of cars, boats, airplanes etc.

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