Poli-Tack Transfer Tape

Poli-Tack Transfer Tape

Poli-Tack Flex Transfer Tape (application tape) for all your heat transfers, this application tape to be used for exact positioning, bonding of prints and applications.


  • Acrylic adhesive with medium adhesion
  • Transparent PET Film
  • White, siliconised PP film liner
  • Suitable for thermal transfer


  • Poli-Tack transfer films are suitable for thermal transfer of heat sealing substrates, i.e. for the transfer of Flex-film onto textiles.

Stock Offering

  • Poli-Tack 854:   Rolls of 500mm wide, 10m per roll
  • Poli-Tack 870:  Rolls of 500mm wide, 10m, 25m and 40m per roll
  • Sold in full rolls only