POLI-MELT® TURBO® 4900 (Hotmelt)

POLI-MELT® TURBO® 4900 (Hotmelt)

POLI-MELT® TURBO® 4900 is a hotmelt film suitable for the bonding together of different materials by using pressure and heat.


  • Ultra-thin “hotmelt” adhesive on a silicone liner
  • Pressing times – 130°C, 5 sec  |  150°C, 4 sec  |  160°C, 3 sec at 3,0 bar
  • Can be cut with all current plotters


  • Suitable for the bonding of hot stamping foils, fabrics like ‘iron on’ labels, embroidered badges, leather decals and other decorative motives.

Stock Offering

  • Sold per linear meter or in full rolls.
  • 500mm wide
  • For the CRAFT MARKET available in smaller formats (Online Shopping only, click here)