Acrylic Rods

Acrylic Rods has exceptional clarity and light transmission, can easily be fabricated for uses in point-of-sale display, sign, model making, and shop fitting applications. Available in extruded stock shapes in various diameters.


  • Acrylic rod has astonishing light transmission properties and polishes well.
  • Can be readily tapped, drilled and machined.


  • Applications including signs, displays, picture frames, furniture, door handles, display cabinets and towel bars.
  • Acrylic rods are used by students and professional designers to create unique designs.
  • Acrylic rods are also used in decorative architectural applications.

Stock Offering

  • Diameter: 5mm – 200mm
  • Diameters 50mm and under – sold in standard lengths (1000mm/2000mm)
  • Diameters above 50mm – sold in multiples of 100mm at cut price