What is Omega-Skinz™

What is Omega-Skinz™

Omega-SkinzTM is a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat.  Omega- SkinzTM deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges and corners, kinks and indents of vehicles.

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  • Multi-Cast system:  Produced according to the reusable casting principal (the film is placed back in the machine after casting, in order to obtain a second casting layer.
  • More colour depth:  Extra colour depth and appearance with less susceptible to over stretching when mounting onto large surfaces.
  • Easily deformable with heat:  Ideal on boats and super yachts, because the film is more stable.  When the film is heated to 40-50°C it is a soft as butter.
  • Omega-SkinzTM do not shrink, it has a long life and is designed for outdoor applications on smooth substrates, such as automotive and 2K paints, gel coatings, glass etc.


  • Automotive – Automotive detailing, Car wraps and motorbike wrapping, fleet marking, accent designing, striping, de-chroming
  • Sign Making – Lettering, fleet-marking
  • Industrial/OEM – Excavators, cranes, containers, trains, wagons, refrigeration equipment, kitchens, furniture, small & large machines
  • Nautica – Boat, yacht and jet ski wrapping

Stock Offering

  • Sold in full rolls or per linear meter
  • Roll Width: 1525mm x 20m