Maizey Engineering offer quality custom plastic machined components and parts Plastic Machined Components and Parts converted from thermoplastics stock shapes.  Machined components and parts offers an alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts across a wide range of applications and industries.  Plastic machined parts are used as replacements for OEM parts or as a newly developed part to improve machine performance, such as machined wear strips.

Plastic machined parts are lightweight and used where chemical resistance, electrical resistance, quietness or extreme wear resistance is required.  Our plastic machining services are used a wide range of industries as direct metal replacements for bearings, thrust washers, crane sheaves, pulleys and machined wear strips where the unique range of thermoplastics properties offer tangible benefits.

Maizey Engineering operates a state-of-the-art machining facility with plastic CNC turning, routing, milling, spindle moulding, grinding and cutting, equipment operated by trained professionals.  Plastic machined parts and components are precision machined with tight tolerances and perfect fit.

Engineering plastics commonly processed in out machining centre include:

Acrylic (Plexiglas), Lexan Polycarbonate sheet, Nylon, Acetal, PTFE, PVC (MAIZEY PVC-U), HDPE sheet and UHMWPE Specialized high performance thermoplastics can also be converted into finished plastics parts.

If you would like further information on our Plastics Machining Services please do not hesitate to contact our staff or complete our machining enquiry form.

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