Angel Signage Slot

Angel Signage Slot

GRIPPLE® Angel Signage Slot is ideal for signage up to 5mm in thickness with a grub screw for direct attachment.  The GRIPPLE® Angel Range is designed for architectural suspensions, signage, acoustic baffles and all other installations where aesthetics are important.

GRIPPLE® is a wire suspension system consisting of a Gripple hanger, a high-tensile wire rope and a choice of fixing attached to it.  This product provides complete solutions for the suspension of all forms of signage.   GRIPPLE® is specifically designed to enable quick and easy installation of a variety of signage, shop fitting, lighting and other lightweight structures.

The variety of kits allows for complete flexibility and adjustability without the use of additional tools.

How does it work:

  • Insert the wire rope into the GRIPPLE® hanger channel
  • Pull through to the other side (it is held in place by a spring-loaded high precision serrated wedge)
  • Wire rope is then looped through the identical channel on the opposite side


  • Grub screw for direct attachment
  • Available with a variety of wire end fixings
  • Side wire exit
  • Aesthetic – compliments modern building design
  • Quick – ergonomic button allow for rapid adjustment
  • Safe – no tools or ‘hot work” permit required for installation


  • Ideal for signage up to 5mm in thickness

Stock Offering

  • Suspension system up to 15kg (SWL dependent of the material used to suspend) – Sold per unit