Thermoplastics like Polystone® Polyethylene, MAIZEY PVC and MAIZEY PVDF have proven their performance in the industrial fabrication of chemical tank liners, plastic chemical tanks, process tanks, storage tanks and chemical vessels.  Thermoplastics offer outstanding chemical resistance, impact resistance and lower weight.

Producing a high quality tanks and chemical tank liners that adheres to safety standards requires skill and precision.  Maizey Engineering Plastics in conjunction with their industrial fabrication partners are able to assist with correct material selection and industrial fabrication of a variety of tanks and vessels.

We primarily serve custom equipment providers (OEMs), chemical manufacturers, water and waste water industries that require custom pressure vessels and process tanks to operate their businesses.

Commonly Used Construction Materials

  • HDPE POLYSTONE® G is produced with longer molecules than those found in the low density PE commonly utilized in roto-moulded plastic chemical tanks.  HDPE tanks are stronger and less prone to cracking.
  • POLYSTONE® PP-H is an isotactic polypropylene which provides the higher crystallinity necessary for tank building and other structural applications.  Greater rigidity and strength when compared to HDPE.
  • TROVIDUR® PVC is a predominantly amorphous plastic that displays chemical resistance in the few areas where the HDPE and PP-H experience challenges.  Can be safely utilized to manufacture Plastic Chemical Tanks and Chemical Tank Liners such as Sodium Hypochlorite tanks. Very high acid resistance.
  • MAIZEY PVDF (Polyvinylidenefluoride) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that belongs to a family of polymers containing fluorine. PVDF exhibits extremely high chemical resistance.  Very high acid resistance.
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