Connect-It 25mm Range

Connect-It 25mm Range

Connect-It is a Weld-free connection system for the outdoor & indoor signage industry, DIY enthusiast and anyone interested in building frames, racks, shelving, crates etc. There are various angular configurations for different applications.  Connect-it connectors are UV-resistant, durable and manufactured from polymer plastic and most of all, easy to use.

Benefits over welding:
At least 10x quicker   |   No power required  |  Unskilled labour less costly  |  Flat pack-able, efficient transport  |  Reliable strength  |  Frameworks made easy.


New Generation Square Range

  • 25mm Brace Piece
  • 25mm Corner Piece
  • 25mm 3 Way Piece
  • 25mm T-Piece
  • 25mm 4 Way Piece
  • 25mm Straight Piece (available on request)
  • 25mm End Caps


  • Outdoor & indoor signage
  • Frames
  • Racks
  • Shelving
  • Crates

Stock Offering

  • Grey Colour – New Generation
  • Contact your nearest Maizey branch for a comprehensive delivery program, sold in pack sizes