Polystone® P CUBX®

Polystone® P CUBX®

POLYSTONE® P CUBX® is a cross-ribbed twin-wall Polypropylene sheet specially developed for tank construction.  The sheet consist internally of a rectangular grid pattern, which are welded to two sheets on its outsides, which form the sheet surface.


  • REDUCTION OF STEEL REINFORCEMENT:  Depending on the size of the tank, rectangular tanks made of Polystone® P CUBX® require less to no steel reinforcements due to the high rigidity of the sheet.  This significantly reduces the number of necessary welds and saves time and resources.
  • EASY HANDLING:   With a thickness of 57 mm, it has the same stiffness as a solid plastic sheet made of PP with a thickness of 35 mm, but weighs only half as much, which simplifies the handling of the sheets.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF PROCESS SAFETY:   Polystone® P CUBX® increases the process reliability of rectangular tanks when compared to solid plastic sheets. If leakage occurs, the leaking fluid accumulates locally and is limited in the interior of the sheet.  The operator thus has more time to take appropriate measures.


  • High longitudinal and transversal stiffness
  • High chemical resistance
  • Light weight, easy handling
  • Good thermal insulation (Due to the air trapped in the hollow chambers)
  • Easy to weld by means of heating element butt welding, hot gas welding and extrusion welding


  • Rectangular tank, for example, for galvanising plant, steel pickling plant, sewage technology, cleaning systems, purification systems, tank fittings
  • Lids and partitions for round tanks
  • Enclosures for ventilation systems
  • Retrofitting and repair of rectangular tanks

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