PromoBase & PromoSteel

PromoBase & PromoSteel

Your point of sale duo for easy interchangeable graphics.  Promo Base is a non-printable magnetic material specially formulated with high strength and low weight.  Promo Steel is a digital printable material with an iron/ferrous coating that can be applied directly to magnetic substrates.


  • PromoBase is a 0.3mm, black, magnetic face with high strength and low weight.  PromoBase is not digital printable and suitable for indoor use.
  • PromoSteel is a 0.17mm front print PET with a satin finish .  PromoSteel is coated with an iron/ferrous coating and offers high image quality and excellent full colour prints.  The media is light weight and easy to apply.


  • Side by side application to create various size magnetic walls
  • Promo Base to be used in conjunction with the Promo Steel

Stock Offering

  • PromoBase rolls of 620mm wide, 30m per roll
  • PromoSteel rolls of 1270mm wide, 50m per roll
  • Sold in full rolls only