POLI-FLEX® TUBITHERM® Flock is a high-quality heat transfer rayon and polyamide flock which convinces due to the velvety feel and its brilliance.   TUBITHERM® is based on ecologically harmless raw material and is free of PVC and plasticisers.  It is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I certified.


  • Excellent cutting and weeding properties.
  • TUBITHERM® Flock can be cut with all current plotters.  We recommend to use a flock knife (60°). After weeding the cut flock is transferred by heat press.
  • The polyester liner should be removed warm.  Afterwards we recommend pressing the material for another 2 sec. with the same parameters.
  • Nylon and textiles with hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable for heat transfer.
  • Washable at 60°C (only colour detergent) and suitable for dry-cleaning and tumble drying.  After washing the flock surface is not affected with fibres/fluff.
  • Guarantee for a secure and long-lasting bond of TUBITHERM® Flock is only given when following the specified temperature and pressure conditions.  We recommend evaluation on test material.


  • Can be used for lettering on clothes such as uniforms, sport & leisure wear as well as for textile design.

Stock Offering

  • Sold per linear meter or in full rolls.
  • 500mm wide
  • For the CRAFT MARKET available in smaller formats (Online Shopping only, click here)