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Press eye-catching lettering or motives on a garment in speedy time with POLI-FLEX TURBO heat transfer films.  The Turbo range has a special “hotmelt” which makes the pressing time faster at a lower temperature. PoliFlex Turbo is available in both cut films (in a wide variety of colours) and digital print films to create stunning designs. Suitable for transfer to textiles like cotton, polyester, uncoated nylon, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic.


Maizey Plastics (Pty) Ltd is the largest, independently owned supplier of semi-finished thermoplastic materials in Southern Africa. Our products are used in diverse applications ranging from signage and branding, interior design, architectural construction and even custom engineered components. A national distribution network services all of South Africa’s prime economic regions and exports to several Southern African states, whilst the daily delivery and cutting service adds to the convenience of doing business with the leaders in the industry.

Offering the most comprehensive range of Engineering & Industrial Plastics, Machined Components, Signage and Glazing materials, Large Format Digital Print Media, Aluminium Sign Systems and Point of Purchase components to the Southern Africa industry. All our products materials are sourced from leading international suppliers and comply with the highest quality standards.


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