Sustadur® PET

SUSTADUR® (Polyethylene Terephthalate) has high mechanical strength, good resistance to creep, excellent dimensional stability and excellent sliding properties. SUSTADUR® has superior wear resistance compared to acetal and is ideal for close tolerance parts such as gears and plastic bushes and split bushes.

Its low moisture absorption enables mechanical and electrical properties to remain virtually unaffected by moisture making this material ideally suited as a bronze bush replacement. SUSTADUR® can be machined to precise detail on standard metal working equipment.

Temperature Range

Max service temperature for short periods 180 ºC 180 ºC
Max service temperature continuously 115 ºC 115 ºC
Min service temperature -20 ºC -20 ºC



  • Improved tensile strength
  • Good for both wet and dry environments
  • High strength and rigidity––ideal for close tolerance parts
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Good wear resistance and excellent dimensional stability
  • Better resistance to acids than nylon or acetal
  • Better operating temperature
  • Reduced notched impact resistance
  • AFRIPET is FDA approved.


  • For high-grade and high-strength technical parts in many industrial sectors like:
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electronic industry
    • Ship building industry
    • Materials handling industry
    • Food processing industry etc.
  • General mechanical and plant engineering:
    • Plastic Bushes / Split Bushes
    • Gears
    • Levers
    • Handles
    • Control discs
    • Cams
    • Sliding elements
    • Bearings
    • Door furniture
    • Hinges
    • Food industry

NOTE: Although it absorbs very little moisture SUSTADUR® does suffer from hydrolysis and should not be used in aqueous applications at temperatures above 70º C or steam environments.

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