Application Tape PT160G

Application Tape PT160G

Poli-Tape PT160G Application Tapes are designed for quick and stable transfer of computer-cut letters, logos and individual designs to the final surface of application. The PT160G has a grey square print on the PP film which serves as positioning and cutting assistant.


  • Transparent application tape, single sided embossed Polypropylene film with excellent flatness
  • Dimensionally stable, easy to unroll  and will not stretch or curl.
  • Grey square print on PP film to serve as positioning and cutting assistant.
  • Plasticiser resistant adhesive guarantees a strong tack to all types of vinyl films.
  • Easily removed without leaving any residue.
  • Suitable for wet application.


  • The tape is suitable for transferring lettering and symbols cut from all qualities of self adhesive vinyls.

Stock Offering

  • Sold in full rolls
  • Roll Widths: 610mm, 1220mm